The Encircle House is based in Utah but offers a myriad of weekly online support groups and classes. They are a pillar of support for the LGBTQ+ community in the four cities where they have established homes.

Encircle also has plans to build a house in the Treasure Valley in the near future.

NAMI stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI offers emotional support groups for anyone and everyone dealing with mental wellness issues. Participants often have diagnoses but this is not a requirement to participate. If you are seeking support with anything from mild depression to severe psychosis you will always find someone at a NAMI meeting that can relate to your circumstances. 

NAMI also offers support group meetings for family and caregivers of those who live with mental health conditions.

Most of NAMI Idaho’s meetings are held over Zoom. Visit the NAMI Idaho website for more information.

Charlie Health is a telehealth, mental health resource for youth and young adults. They specialize in individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. One of their key services is an intensive outpatient program for youth and young adults experiencing a mental health crisis. 

Charlie Health is accessible 24/7 in any state, and accepts all medical insurance.

If your child is experiencing a mental health crisis please call them today.

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